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Here Captain Radio presents some interesting theroretical design ideas, particularly focussing on solutions to problems encountered with radio reception in the South East of England and the county of Sussex.

How BBC SCR could swap frequencies to improve reception of XFM in South West London

How BBC SCR could make better use of existing frequencies to improve reception

How reception of 1323 kHz from the Southwick mast could be improved in Brighton

How a radio station could make better use of the FM RDS 'EON' function

How an additional radio station for the Yorkshire area could be fitted into the spectrum with some useage changes

The first project clearly demonstrates the problems the authorities face when planning new transmitters,  when interference in one area could be solved it is then found that the proposed new arrangement can cause interference to radio stations in other areas.  Read on!

Captain Radio explains:

The documents were written and produced in late 2002 and early 2003

It is with the very kind assistance from a number of people that have assisted with information and other issues surrounding the design ideas, notably:

- Thierry Vignaud

- Martin Watkins (who acted as an interpreter for Thierry)

- Mike Smith

Due to the nature of copyright and data protection, it is not possible to upload the design ideas in their entirety, hence some some material has necessarily been omited, but the overall sense of the documents should be unaffected.

Captain Radio
March 2004

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