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Here is a photograph of a rare poster sent in to MDS975 by Phil Collins, who wrote:

"In 1981 Radio 4 broadcast "The Lord of the Rings" in 26 episodes on Sunday afternoons. I have an original double-sided poster, 17" by 24".  Side one is a nice colour painting of Middle Earth; Side 2 is a list of the actors and their characters, Biography of JRR Tolkien, Map etc."

More details below...

Phil continues:

In the BBC Radio Four production of The Lord Of The Rings "Michael Horden plays Gandalf, Ian Holm as Frodo, John le Mesurier as Frodo,  William Nighy as Sam Gamgee, Robert Stephens as Aragorn, Douglas Livingstone as Gimli, David Collings as Legolas, Michael Graham Cox as Boromir, Peter Woodthorpe as Gollum. Other actors: Richard O'Callaghan, John McAndrew, Peter Vaughan, Andrew Seear, Jack May, Anthony Hyde, Elin Jenkins, Peter Howell, Paul Brooke, Hugh Dickson, Marian Diamond, Simon Cadell, Stephen Thorne, James Grout, John Bott, Philip Voss, John quite a few more. The pictures (both sides of the poster) are by Eric Fraser".

Thanks for a very interesting radio artefact.

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