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In the 1970's and 1980's the radio jingle reigned supreme.  Whether BBC or Independent, most entertainment stations had tuneful jingles to announce the name and wavelength or frequency of the station, the presenter currently on air along with jingles for news, weather, sport and feature spots.

Many stations dropped jingles in the 1990's.  Most notable for the jingle demise was the expanding network of stations owned by GWR.  Instead of a tunefully sung and jolly sounding jingles, the GWR stations began to use 'sweepers', which essentially are voice-overs announcing, for example, "Hereward FM - Your Better Music Mix" - perhaps to the background of a whoosh!  But no jazzy music or harmonised 'choirs'!

The jolly jingle seems to be making somewhat of a comeback in the twentyfirst century, and even the GWR radio stations have added some new nicely sung jingles recently - much better than the boring old sweepers!  Well done!

Unfortunately we don't yet have the bandwidth available to put real MP3 music files on the website, we apologise for this, but here are one or two transcriptions of 'radio poetry'.  The first poem really IS a poem, and was written specially for the launch day of the local station for Humberside, Viking Radio, in April 1984.


Viking Radio Logo in 1984
Viking Radio logo

Launch Poem:

It must be nigh on a thousand years
Since Vikings came our way,
Some only came to plunder,
While others came to stay.
They brought a foreign language,
As is only to expect,
And seeing the way their type became,
East Riding dielect.

Now over years our dielect
Has begun to fade away,
So we formed our own society
To preserve it in some way.
We started out two months ago,
Just idlings off on track,
When we heard a lyttle rumour,
As a Viking's coming back.
This time there would be no ships,
With figure heads up front,
And they haven't come to pillage,
And all that sort of stunt.
They've come in peace to bring us
Some music news and jokes,
They've brought us Viking Radio,
For us East Riding Folks.

So we hope thy local radio
Is all as thou expect,
Best wishes from Society of
 East Riding Dielect.

Closedown Jingle:

Another day is overcome by candle light,
When tomorrow comes we will be here,
To unite us all together,
Every moment we share,
Always staying close together,
Anytime anywhere,
We'll still be here,
On Viking Radio.

Holiday Jingle:

When work is though for a little while,
And holiday's here to make you smile,
Enjoy the break with Viking Radio.

General station jingle:

Information, local news,
Music and chat,
Here on Viking,
One oh two point seven and two five eight,
It's all on Viking Radio!

Evening jingle:

Good evening, good evening,
No matter where you are
We'll be with you,
For the news you need and
Good music too,


WR logo

Late show jingle:

Stay with me tonight,
There's nowhere better to go,
Heading towards midnight,
Six counties radio,
With more to say,
So end your day,
Lights down low,
Wiltshire Radio -

[To hear this jingle, see the AUDIO section below.  The first couple words
were unfortunately missed off this cassette recording.]


Mercia Sound Logo

John Warwick of Mercia Sound
The dearly departed John Warwick who worked on the Mercia Sound late
show from 1980 for two years before leaving to join Hereward Radio
in Peterborough.

The great presenter wrote and performed this amusing  jingle
(Mercia sound used to broadcast on 220 meters medium wave):

If you're ever feeling cheesed off,
If you're ever feeling low,
Just tune your wireless to two two oh.
John Warwick's on the Night Express,
He'll even make your ole gal smile,
Two two oh's your favourite place on the radio dia-a-a-a-ial.
Just tune your wireless to two two oh,
Ooh - Mercia Sound!

Drive-time jingle:

The day's been long,
You've been running around,
But now it's home,
With Mercia Sound.

General jingle:

Mercia two two oh,
Playing on your radio,
Something old and something new,
Mercia, playing just for you.
Music every day,
News in every way,
Everything you need to know,
On Mercia two two oh.

Holiday jingle:

Have A Good Time,
 If You're Home Or Away,
 Hope The Weather Is Fine,
 For This Holiday,
 From All At Mercia

Closedown jingle:

Goodnight, time for bed,
Close your eyes, you sleeply-head
With Mercia two two oh.

Locational ident:

Mercia Sound is Coventry,
Mercia Sound is Warwickshire,
Mercia Sound is Leicestershire,
So have a good day from Mercia.

Saxon Radio 240

Closedown jingle:

When you wake up in the morning,
'Til the time you go to sleep,
We're the fun and friendly entertaining
Company to keep,
For the news around your village and town,
All you want to know,
From the country to the coast,
Saxon Radio!


General jingle:

Warm and friendly on your radio,
We've everything you need to know,
Information you may need,
Good music through the day,
So let's stay
On Radio Broadland.

General jingle:

Radio Broadland,
Radio Broadland,
For the music of your life,
We're all yours.


"Timbo's" jingle:

T - I - M - B - O
Well here comes Timbo,
He's all set and he's ready to go,
On the late night show,
Laughing all the way - so
Call him up and say hello,
He's going to make you feel better
You know,
Yes the Timbo show,
On your ra-a-dio.

Radio Mercury jingle:

Radio Mercury,
The sound of Mercury,
The heart of the Sou-ou-outh.


Closer to you jingle:
(early 1980's)

Signal, Closer to you each day,
Signal, You know in everything you do,
We will help you through,
Making it good for you,
In every way,
Signal, Signal,
Closer to you each day.

Afternoon jingle:
(early 1980's)

We're playing your favourites
All through the afternoon,
Setting the pace with your music,
On Signal!


General jingle:
(mid 1980's)

We've got sunshine for a rainy day,
We've got music and a special word to say,
On Radio Wyvern,
Just for you.

General jingle:
(mid 1980's)

Good afternoon
From Radio Wyvern
We're here just for you.


Night time jingle:
(mid 1980's)

Your kind of music,
Your kind of people,
We're here together in the night,
Leicester Sound and you.


Late show jingle:
(mid 1980's)

The night is warm with our music,
Radio Trent stereo,
Ninety six point two.

Summertime jingle:
(mid 1980's)

It's your kind of summer day,
So enjoy the music we'll play,
Radio Trent stereo,
Ninety six point two.


General jingle:
(circa 1983)

Throughout the day,
We lead the way,
Because we care,
Radio West for you.


BRMB logo

From the 'Because' series of jingles in the mid 1980's

Because you're a lover and a friend,
B - R - M - B

* * * * * *

Ninety four point eight F M stereo,
Because you can't get closer.

(late 1980's)

You can hear the difference all around,
Ocean Sound!

(circa 1981)

From the Cotswolds
To the Forest of Dean,
Severn Sound.




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