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And Tigers !
The Foster Tiger
See The Foster Tiger!

Tabetha's Favourite Toy
The Cat Dancer

Simon's Cat - the funniest, naughtiest cat!
The world's naughtiest
and funniest cat !


"Cats are people too!"


We love our furry friends don't we!  Whether they are cats or dogs, rabbits or gerbils we humans take such delight at the antics of cute and cuddly animals. I am sure that they are all a good deal wiser than we usually give them credit for too.

It is often said that you are either a 'cat person' or a 'dog person'.  That seems to indicate that if you like cats you'll dislike dogs, but surely that is not really true.  Dogs are really likeable, they are fun, friendly, clever and obedient,  but cats have always won the day in our house because they may be fun, friendly and very clever, but contrary to our 'pooch' friends, rather dis-obedient!  Don't you just love the independence of cats?  They are simply their own person - they'll come along when called if they are ready, but if it is inconvenient at that time..... well us silly humans will just have to wait our turn.

cat on a hot hi-fi
"Cat on a hot hi-fi"
Chris Ronald's ginger cat knows the best hot spots.
Mind you he was responsible for the amp overheating!

This is just how Tabetha wakes us up in the morning - well almost!! :-

Cute Pussy Cat - Yawning in the morning - it's just too much!
Yawning in the morning - it's just too much!

Pepper warming herself under the Anglepoise lamp - from Mike Fratus
Pepper warming herself under the Anglepoise lamp - from Mike Fratus

Wired for sound

"Wired For Sound"


Cats in a box !
How To Catch A Cat - With A Box !
My sister sent us this picture which is brilliant and hilarious.
Sadly I don't know from where is originates or who to credit, so
apologies if it's your photo - let me know and I'll put your name against it.


Of course we all know just how crazy a cat can be.  Tabetha is our little "tiger cub", she loves the hunting games and her sense of fun and frolics has us in stitches of laughter.  The funniest moments are when, all of a sudden, she will glance at you with her big wide mad eyes, and then like a flash of lightening, she suddenly makes a mad dash at high speed across the room, claws digging deep into the carpet for grip and then, as her traction is undermined by a change of surface, she is sent skidding sideways on a laminate floor!!  Once she has regained control she thunders up the stairs and races around the bedrooms.  Tabetha is only a small cat, but she sounds like an elephant thundering across the floor from downstairs!

Affectionate?  ALWAYS!  Independent?  Of Course! Tabetha is a great little character and a cheerful companion but she, like all cats, knows what she wants.  And she'll tell you with one of her wide range of meows, squeaks, growls and grunts.  I guess we're just too lazy to walk a dog - and cats generally go out and walk themselves!  What a great trait.

Cats are certainly a lot of fun, extremely clever and very friendly, when they want to be, but obedient - never.  You can rarely train a cat.  A cat trains its owner! ....

Actually that's slightly wrong.  A dog has owners and a cat has staff.  I think that's what I find so fascinating about cats, they always know their own mind - so it seems.  Mind you Tabetha follows us around like a little dog most of the time! She just loves the company of her family, and doesn't like being left alone.

My favourite comparison between cats and dogs is:

DOG:"These humans provide me with a lovely home, they tend to my every need, they bring me food and water when I need it and look after me when I am ill.  They must be gods."

CAT:"These humans provide me with a lovely home, they tend to my every need, they bring be food and water when I need it and look after me when I am ill.  I must be God!"

I think that's spot on.  You can see Tabetha on the right, she gets utterly spoiled - she expects no less.  As we're so completely mad about cats that she gets anything she wants, well almost everything - sometimes I misunderstand what she has asked for, and then she goes off in a huff, but that's not very often.  She is a very good tempered cat, incredibly friendly and playful and very vocal.  Tabetha is constantly 'talking' she has a huge vocabulary of 'words', noises, squeaks, and chirrups and the occasional mad growl when she is playing (which is often).  We normally know exactly what she wants when she asks.

Her favourite game is playing with a toy called a 'Cat Dancer'.  A simple toy: A piece of thin springy wire about 1m long with several pieces of twisted fibre-like material at the end.  She loves jumping around trying to swat it, or endlessly chasing it around in circles, especially in the garden.

She can be resting, queen-like, on her bed (I mean our bed!) and I can quietly enter the room say "do you want to play?", and she will race downstairs to the back door to be let out to play with the Cat Dancer in the garden.   Maybe she's a dog in a tabby coat?

As I write this she is racing around like a mad thing, playing football with bits of scrunched up paper, chasing them all over the house.  She also loves to play baseball on the stairs with these little balls. I pitch them at her and she really whacks them with all her might - they fly though the air like rockets - but she always whacks them back towards me,  obviously to save me the bother of having to go in all directions to collect them.  I think that is very clever and considerate of her!  It is also probably because she knows that if she whacks it back to me the quicker I can pitch it back to her.

Her other favourite toys are the little white fury mice that are sold in pet shops and some supermarkets.  we put them in a cardboard box that is in the shape of a holey cheese (which you will see in the photo's), or in a cylindrical drum with holes around the side (obtained from Tchibo, although they are not listed at the time of writing).  She loves to extract them from within these containers and chase them around, throwing them in the air.  Once she has 'hunted' one of these little mice down she will usually pick it up in her mouth and put it in her food bowl - saved for later!

On occasions when she has eaten all her food overnight and is still hungry, we'll come down to find a collection of little white mice in her food bowl.  Poor thing, I am sure she would have loved to have eaten them.


When you have a dog, a cat, a rat or any other creature, they become a family member, we certainly treat Tabetha with as much respect as a human (possibly more actually!).  Really, anyone who invites any kind of pet into their own 'fold' should treat them as a family member.  All animals deserve respect and fuss, and they'll always reward their owners with attention and love.

All animals like to be involved and stimulated, whether they be rats, hamsters, horses, birds, dogs or cats.  This was certainly proved on the 2004 BBC TV programme 'Test Your Pet', which shows owners and their pets interacting together in the most stimulating of ways.  We saw the memory power and lateral thinking of dogs, the lateral thinking and craftiness of cats and amazingly intelligent and adaptable parrots.  Owing a pet is a two way business and the more you interact the less bored your pet will be, but the brighter and more invigorated it will become, which will give each party great fun and pleasure.

Tabetha proved herself to be a bright kitty with an above average score in the BBC 'Test Your Pet' tests - but we knew that!  Of Course!

When Tabetha is not playing or sleeping she is almost certainly following us around the house wherever we go - just like a dog might.  She can be fast asleep with us in the lounge, but if we move to another room, she is there, quietly tagging along and keeping us company.  She can be too quiet sometimes and, not noticing that she is right behind you, you'll fall over her!  But that's cats - so often under your feet just at the wrong moment.

She loves to show her affection by purring very loudly as she is fussed.  She'll lick your face in the morning to say hello and even starts dribbling when she gets a really good fuss and a tickle!  If you stop, however, she'll gently reach out with her paw and pull your hand back to her face so that the fuss can continue!

Oh, and she just loves 'loving' my fingers when I'm trying to work at the keyboard - Tabetha thinks typing is a great game.  So I apologise for the errors!


Usually when we go away it is for a long weekend or a week at most.  We have always been lucky in that our neighbours have looked after Tabetha while we were away.  The last time we went on holiday was, unusually, for two weeks.  We did not like to impose on our neighbours for such a long stint, so we arranged for Tabetha to stay at a boarding cattery for the necessary 16 days. 

We were not looking forward to this prospect for loveable little Tabetha and I certainly worried about her all the time we were on holiday.  In fact we even came back a few days early and Tabetha was soooo pleased to see us!

She wanted to be fussed all the way home in the car and could not stop rolling over and purring and even dribbling with the excitement of seeing her family again.  I feel so guilty now about subjecting her to a cattery.  She much preferred it when she was left at home, but still in the care of people she knew.

From the links on the right you can navigate to some of our favourite cat photographs.  We hope you like them.  Please come back again.

Tabetha's "Play-Station"


Simon's Cat - the funniest, naughtiest cat!
The world's naughtiest and funniest cat !

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